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Ladies First, Yoni Massage

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

This is a note from a young lady that I had the pleasure of meeting...


I cannot thank you enough for Thursday. I had no idea what to expect but you were so welcoming and it was such an amazing experience. You blew me away. And coming back to my husband- our best night yet. He absolutely loved hearing every detail. We didn't leave the apartment until the next day. It was one hot night! So thank you, so much

Ladies first... as it should always be. I had the pleasure of meeting a shy, yet very sensual Kate Middleton look alike. Having never met her husband he chose me to embrace his wife's "Yoni" Let me just say that it was a pleasure to have kneaded such an exquisite body. I hope to one day see her again and to meet the man that trusted me with his prized possession! I also hope that her experience will take them to a place where they can escape and re-live her moment again and again.

Gentlemen, this illustration is a perfect example of how most women like to be touched. You don't always have to rub our clit or put your fingers inside a woman's kitty to turn her on. There are several erotic zones around the "Labia Majora"

Please try this at home, she will be so glad you did!

Keeping it real with,

Kasia. K

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