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Kasia KAOIR 

Based in NYC

There's a great need to live on the edge without totally jumping off a cliff. Even the faint of heart craves excitement!  You need it, I need it, We need it. Come get it and add to your experience. 






  • Providing undisputed service since 2012

  • Charismatic, Personable & Professional 

  • Develop long-lasting relationships with buddies from diverse cultures and backgrounds

  • Recognized for creativity, work ethic and " thinking outside of the box "

  • Get-it-done-flawless-and-with Excellence

  • Skilled in the art of "Human Connection"


To my admirers near and far. Thanks for your unyielding support. For embracing my individuality and for following my journey. When I first launched my blog, I had no idea that It would be this well received. Can you believe that over 200K has since tuned in, to read what's going on inside my head? That's when I knew, "The streets were watching" and lurkers were definitely taking notes. You said that you've learned a thing or two from me? However, It's I who have learned from you. I have enjoyed meeting some of the most intriguing people on this planet. I love giving back, so if you should ever need a hug? Just ask.


My goal as an artist/writer is to fill a few of your "Grey areas" without ever complicating your life! I hope my musings not only make you go hmmm. It gives you a sense of joy or those ah ah moments.


You've been invited to a place of pleasurable thoughts and erotic literature. I've borrowed a few tantalizing videos/images to showcase the gifts of anonymous talents. I do hope that I'm doing them proud and that you visit often. What I post on my blog are gifts that titillate my senses. Sure, there are thousands of gifts provided on the internet every second. But there's only a select few that makes me prrrrrrrr. Some are so telling that it either reminds me of things I've experienced, or what I'm thinking about right this second.


My musings will either evoke laughter or make you scratch your head. I get that my new readers may say "This Britsssh is nuts." To the contrary. From day one, my followers love my wit, my mind and the way that I express myself.  I've been privileged to use my talents, skill set and savviness to carve out a niche for myself. I may not always be politically correct, but I have a cult following that is interesting in reading what I have to say.


I'm known for being cutting edge and a trailblazer, always staying on "The Edge" of what's new and whats next. I have never been one to follow what the masses are doing and never will.  My ability to think outside of the box has made me one of the most sought-after quintessential Goddess of the 21st Century. I invite you to browse my blog at your leisure and come back as often as you'd like. My point of view constantly evolves ,so I often update entries that I have posted in the past. 

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Air Kisses,


Kasia K






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