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    Your All Time Favorite

     How would you feel if your "ATF" Industry Chica announced her retirement? 


    Would you be tempted to be civi friends with her?


    Would you try to date her in the real world?


    Would you want her to see you on the side if and when time permits?


    Would you give her a big hug, send well wishes and let her walk away after experiencing how much of a difference she has made in your life the past 3+years.


    I ask these questions because one day your ATF will retire for a number of reasons. Maybe she found other pursuits, met someone that proposed an offer that she could not refuse, her clock is ticking and she thinks it's time to settle down be a wife/mum. or maybe she just isn't into it anymore?  


    If and when this does happen. Would you be open to her recommending you to her successor(s)? Or maybe you will say "Nope" if she leaves, I leave. Ha ha ha.


    Email me your thoughts


    Keeping up with,









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