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    WTF is that. Are you saying you still not fu%%ing? Or having some sort of "outer body experience." Lol


    I thought when I first shared that I was celibate I wouldn't be booked and busy because dream girls usually get down and dirty. But, to the contrary. My buddies showed an interest in my journey and wanted to know more. Especially how they could be of assistance. ( cute ) 


    November 29th 2014 was the last day I felt the "D" in my "P" I have since been asked, "How can you be celibate when your diary embraces sexuality to the 10th power." Of course, it does. I am a very sensual woman. I didn't say that I don't have an orgasm. Duh, I have "Outercourse."

    I read somewhere that "abstinence lessens the amount of distractions you have in life." I can say Amen to that. The past 4 years life has just been doing what it does and the last 2 out of those 4 years have been the most fun I've had in a long time without the complications of "Intercourse"


    You've asked why don't I kiss? For one, I think that kissing is very intimate. More intimate than sex. There are no condoms for your tongue ( I haven't seen any ) You going in raw with tongue and saliva. With sexual intercourse, there's a barrier when the male or female wears a condom. Guys are not feeling the warmth of the V-Jay and the ladies are not feeling all the pulsing veins on the D


    Intimacy is still my thing. I love the butterflies I feel when I see his text messages. The look on his face when I'm walking towards him in that freaken outfit that shows off my curves and the way we eye fuck each other across the dining table. Yes, outercourse last so much longer than the act of sex.




    Air Kisses,


    Kasia. K





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