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    Roll Call


    I have been toying with the idea of a membership program for my buddies in NYC.  It's called 

    "In The Know."


    A few years ago I had a points system for referrals and frequent flyers. Heck, I just went to Best Buy yesterday and they offered me a membership that's 20% off on each purchase. 


    You guys know how my brains work. So l will craft something that will make you feel special and exclusive all at the same time. I am serious about keeping my circle real small. Based on my stats I know that you're lurking. So reach out if there is any interest. You know that I'm always thinking outside of my box. 


    This is a roll call for my buddies past and present. You should email me if you are interested in being "In The Know." An annual fee will apply.


    Example: For every 6 appointments made within the calendar year, you will receive 50% off selected consultations. 


    For every amount spent greater than XYZ you will receive 1 FREE select consultation on your next visit. 


    Some perks: 

    Open Bar

    Additional 15 mins

    Q &A

    Complimentary add-ons


    Note: I am still working out the kinks. This will only be made available for my buddies In the know!

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