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    2019 Let's Go!


    Ha Ha Ha.. Yeah I like this too! 


    It's a new year and I did promise to check in on this end a little more often.  I didn't mean to leave you guys hard and bothered. I actually didn't know that you still craved this stuff until my previous post. Thanks for reaching out and checking in. "Hello" to you too and a big shout out to my KasKao Buddies for your continued support throughout the years. 


    You know I always weigh in on the previous year as I look forward to slaying for 2019. A lot has changed in the industry as I am sure that you have noticed. Where has everyone gone? No Where! Everyone is still here, it's just a little harder to locate everyone in one spot. But if you dig deep enough you will find. 


    So what have I been up to? Well, I started a new venture in 2017 and it is going well. Although a little overwhelming at times. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to pursue something that I am damn good at. Something that is outside of blogging. 


    What's the word on my no sex Journey? November 29th 2018 made 4 years since I have been abstinent. I know, I know. Wow how does she do that? I didn't say that I don't cum. Sure I masturbate manually or use my little friend " Hitachi." I simply do not allow any penetration.... To be continued



    Rock Hard For 2019,


    Kasia K








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