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    What is a Milking Table?


    Yes, this is definitely a milking massage table. I like to call it " Spread Eagle Milking Table"


    So if you've been living under a rock then you may not know what a milking table is, no? 


    90% of the people I've chatted with have never even seen a milking table on porn or in person. I receive so many inquiries that I may get a few made for resale.


    It's the best kind of table a man can ever unwind on. Usually after a long hard day at the office women would go home and soak their feet. Now men can let it all hang out on a milking massage table. Yeah, like just lay face down and do nothing. Lol


    Judging by this photo you can see why it has become a thing of the future! Since 2015 I've been one of the pioneers to introduce the infamous milking table into the imaginations of countless men and women. I also noted that being on a milking table is great for the catchy phrase I coined. Called

     "The Edge" & The Edge 2.0


    So If you've never hung out on a Milking Table? Here are some benefits.


    Are you tired of getting jerked around by the same ole' massages different day? Are you ready for something revolutionary? Well, I have the answers to your prayers. There's a new table in town and it's not your average massage table. It's called a milking massage table and it was designed with your boys in mind. "No more mess on your chest". A strategic hole is placed in the center of the table so your boys can swing like never before. All shapes and sizes are welcomed to hang out. So if you are ready for a brain freeze or a sensation with a tease. Then you ought to give this a try boys! Got Milk?


    ©by Kasia Kaoir


    Photo Credit:


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