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    Open letter to my KasKao Buddies

    December 10, 2017



    A new year is steadfast approaching and what does it look like for me? "Advancement".


    I know it's been awhile since I've made you guys laugh, but as we all know. "Life happens" 


    I have been given the opportunity to try my hand in a few new ventures, so I jumped in with both feet. No time to think about it. LOL When someone asks "what are your plans for the future/what are you passionate about besides blogging? 


    And that person not only listens. He says "Hey if you are serious I will help you achieve it. I'm like what's the catch? He's says "No strings attached, you have my full support! 


    I'm like are you serious? Stop playing. He says "I'm not playing" ( he chuckled ). I don't only want to be your buddie/friend, I want to make a difference in your life".. So now I am feeling all choked up inside. So I asked, why have you made such a generous offer? He says " I admire your savviness, your marketing is genius. I think your energy is great, you make me laugh. Your sense of humor is wonderful, it's better than mine. I love your style, you have good taste. Besides your beauty, your skin is amazing. ( smile )


    I'm like Damn, that's easy. Does anyone else have any brilliant opportunities for me? LOL 



    Keeping Up,


    with Kasia

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