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    Open Letter Reflecting on 2015


    So as another year unfolds, I can't help but reflect on 2015. It's been a bitter, sweet kind of year for me. Learning how to let go by learning how to forgive, was very challenging to say the least. But when I see all of the depressing things that are going on in the world. It quickly puts things into perspective. Shit, ain't that serious.


    2016 is the year of " Throwing caution to the wind " fuck how it looks, go for it! Whatever or whom ever puts a smile on your face, cease the moment! Heck, I want to open my small circle a little more and meet people that can make me laugh. I got a great sense of humor and if you can make me laugh hmmm, great things can happen. LOL, I'm very resourceful, so you would want to know me. I can get some imaginable shit done. ha ha


    I would like to thank my followers for riding with me. Embracing this platform, by allowing me to express myself in an unorthodox way. Because of you, I am evolving as a creative writer and entrepreneur. Don't be surprised if I one day, I have a best seller in Barnes & Noble.  Until then, I look forward to filling a few of your Grey areas without ever complicating your life!

    It's not such a bad thing to have a little Kasia in your life!



    Keeping it real,


    with Kasia





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