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Have You Ever?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Carried a torch for someone so long that it doesn't even make sense anymore? I think it's crazy! Maybe it's just your ego that got you thinking that you love that person because they've ignore you all these years.

Maybe they ignore you because they are either afraid to let you know how much they really do or use to care about you once upon a time. Maybe that person secretly masturbates when they look at your photos. Hmmm

People play one too many games and for what? Time goes by so quickly we are all getting older and with aging comes regrets. Why play silly games when it doesn't serve you in the end?

We will have missed out on loving, laughing feeling butterflies and experiencing the naughty things that this life have to offer. Sometimes when we think there is someone better out there for us we keep searching, while the person that was right there all along wasn't half that bad. Maybe you just misunderstood her/him.

Either way, everyone lost out on ever really knowing what could have been. I think it's called the one that got away.

Listen if you like someone let them know it. If you love someone then show it. If you miss someone reach out and say "Hey I've missed you" and if you don't want them reaching out to you anymore just say, "Hey I have moved on and I am happy, stop texting me" ha ha ha.

Keeping it real with,

Kasia. K

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