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Browne Girl Magic by Kasia. K

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

So what it is about the Coco, Ebony, Chocolate, Browne Skin Girl, Women of Colour, Black Girl Magic, that drives the White boys wild! Maybe it's how passionate we are in bed? Unapologetic and badass or maybe it's just as simple as our smile.

Is it our booty and voluptuous breast we naturally developed before ass shots and implants became a thing? Maybe it's our soft full lips and the sway of our hips that makes you just want to binge.

How about our different shades of melanin? It's a fact that we don't need to tan. I know you love our facial features with high cheek bones, that natural beauty that we inherited from our ancestors in the motherland.

It's Black History Month my KasKao Buddies. Here is your chance to celebrate us. What do you love about women of colour?

Browne Girl Magic by,

Kasia. K

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