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For You, By Me

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Jotting my thoughts down has been long overdue. I recall when I first started writing my diary back in 2014, I was on it almost every week like clock work. My suitors were excited to meet me without knowing what I looked like.

One of my best buds said that he didn't care what I looked like, he just wanted to meet the cool chica that related to men and their vices. My blog took off instantly and I was "Booked and Busy" like a mofo. From being the connoisseur of Nuru and introducing the Milking Table to those that never knew it was a thing. My marketing has been a game changer.

No one in the game has a site quite like mine. Sexy, raw, no mixing words and unpretentious is my aesthetics. Boy, have I toned things down a lot due to the change of climate.

You've been astonished on how I've been able to accept your appointments at a moments notice. You've sat my love seat, sipping cocktails and letting it all hang out. You have shared your deepest secrets, thoughts and laughter with me. Your vulnerability has never been taken for granted. You know that I understand you. Thank you for trusting me.

My studio has always been a no judgement zone and my blog your escape. Although I work very part time at the moment I am still here for you. I am always ok with you sending me an email just to say hello!

Over the following weeks I will be making a few changes on my site. I have a few new services to add to my menu but, I may only roll it out to those that are already in my circle. Being relevant for the past 7 yrs allows me make this shit real exclusive. With the changes that are underway you will grow to appreciate being part of an elite circle, I promise.

Love you to pieces,

Air kisses Kasia

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