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Cuckold Anyone?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Is this a fantasy or is it your reality? I have sat with some very interesting men over the years and discussed sexual topics across the board. Whenever cuckold would come up It was either what is that, or I could never do that shit.

What is that?: Cuckold is certainly not new. It's when a woman gets full pleasure and the satisfaction of being screwed by another man while her husband/bf watches and wait for his turn to clean her up with his tongue. Yes, after someone else has been thrusting deep inside of her and bust a load in her.

I could never: I guess because it's lighter on the heart for a man to be in a threesome with his wife/gf and another woman than for a man to sit back and watch his wife/gf get screwed by another man. Hmmm, looks like double standards from where I am bent over.

Gentleman what if your wife/girlfriend told you that she wants to screw another man while you watch? Would you be curious, would your answer be "not a chance" or maybe you'd laugh because you thought she was joking? But what if she wasn't joking. Would you want a divorce?

I for one think this concept is HOT! Over the years I have often thought about a stranger making love to me, while my man sits and watch. He could not participate or touch himself only sit there and drip! Maybe get a guy with a bigger rock. Yeah, that will teach him a lesson. Ha ha ha ha

Keeping it real with,

Kasia. K

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