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Lights, Camera, Action!

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

How do you feel about making a Blue Movie? Would you want to be the star and co-star of your own production?

There are so many ways to spice things up in the bedroom. A third-party is not always the answer. But being on camera can be hella fun. Especially if you have to keep shooting your scenes repeatedly until it's worthy of the silver screen. TAKE 12 annnd, action! Lol

You can choose to keep your short film to yourself or for those exhibitionists that want to share it with the whole world. There's always Tumblr. (wink wink)

Either way, make sure that it is coming from a good place in the event that you guys part ways. Shit, I always wondered what became of my movies. Yikes!

Yup, I was once the star and co-star of my own movie. We called it " She rides & dives" But it was only for fun! You know when a relationship is new it's all good. We propped up my tablet on a window sill and got down and dirty. I really felt as tho I was staring in a movie that would mysteriously make it into the bedrooms of every dirty Debbie and Donald. LOL

I say try this at home if you want to get some of that lost magic back. Besides, this is an easier conversation to coax your partner into. Not,

"Honey, how would you feel if we invited someone into our bed"?

Keeping it real with,

Kasia. K

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