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How Do I Measure Up?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You are all sooo uniquely different in your own grand way. So why is it important to you that your rock be a certain size? If "Size doesn't matter" then what does?

I've a listed a few names that some of my buddies may be able to identify themselves with. This as nothing to do with inches. This totally for fun!

Nervous rock: The one that gets a little gun shy when he meets someone new.

Enthusiastic rock: The one that gets overly excited. Pow Pow!

Horny rock: The one that walks around rock hard all day.

Stamina rock: The one that never wants it to end.

Thinking rock: The one that tries so hard to last that he misses the train.

V rock: The one that always stays hard no matter what.

Keeping it real with,

Kasia. K

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