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Milking Table vs. Glory Hole

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

So what is a Glory Hole? Many of you may already know about this taboo, while some are still living under a rock? As the photo above indicates, there's a hole in a wall with a man's Coc% as the peep show. Lol

Please don't think that every wall that has a hole is a " Glory Hole." Some people get mad and punch holes in walls all the time, no?

Well, several things can happen when there's a hole in a wall. The best BJ of your life or a chica can back her thang up on your rock! Although several articles describes male-on-male action. My thoughts are female-on-male action.

A milking table also has a hole. It is strategically placed in the center of the table. No sex can be had, cuz the chica is under the table. Actually I digress, I saw a video with a chica doing a hand stand while having sex under the table. A BJ can also be mimicked with hands/feet. Yup thats also a thing. Then there is receiving good old fashion head. You can catch that on porn hub.

It Only Gets Better with,

Kasia. K

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