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  • Open Letter by Kasia Kaoir

Celibacy Meets Her Future Beau

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Taking a break from being romantically involved really does have an upside. It's called "Check yourself." Seeing where you went left, in attempts to go right.Usually the goal. Some men / women have never been alone. Always in one dead end relationship after the other. Not the goal. Then there're those that just want to chill and have fun. No emotional strings attached. A temporary goal. But I on the other hand, took things a bit further. Celibacy."Not planned, but it happened"

For those that have followed my abstinence journey since Nov 2015. Thanks for giving a fuc%. ha ha ha Your emails have been quite lovely, thoughtful, and entertaining. I honestly don't know where all the time went? It's obvious that I wasn't sitting around playing with myself, that's for sure. So what did I learn over the past two years? What did I gain? Inquiring minds want to know?

For one, I've learned about what it means to properly heal. To lick my wounds so it may form a scab. Put on a bandaid and walk away unbothered. I've been present to loving myself without any limits and helping others, without totally taking the shirt off my back. Communication has become KING in my world. I say what I feel, mean what I say and put my middle fingers up to those that don't get me.

I've also learned that the people I've crossed paths with in this life time, I met for a reason, and not a season. Whether for better or worst. There's always a lesson to be got. Sooner or later we'll meet a man / woman whom will take up space in our head. But it's the special ones that can drive us nuts or cause us to masturbate even when they're no longer in our Universe. I'm serious. ha ha ha. Then there're the men / women that put a spell on us. Damn, those people. They either become our lovers, husbands / wives or LUST!

What I hope to gain from storing up all of my sexual energies, is an amazing romance. One that takes my breath away. A bond so strong, that it leaves no room for jealousy. To have a trust that's second nature, means you got my back and I'll hold on to your front. I want passion that's unimaginable, yet very conceivable. What I really crave, is a love that's unconditional. Where even my flaws look pretty and my shit don't stink. Yes, My man can not be subpar, he need be superb!

An Open Letter to my secret admirers. . . . .

Let me keep it 100 with you. I'm not traditional by a long shot, so we'll have a great time together. Just bring your imagination. I love all things fitness, but you only need to choose one routine that you can keep up with. I live a vegetarian lifestyle. It doesn't have to be your thing, but I would at least love for you to make an effort towards eating healthy. I got my shit together, so you need to come correct and bring your "A- Game". I love to laugh and can be a tad bit sarcastic. So, I hope that you don't take life too serious. My confidence speaks volume. Please do not allow my being to intimidate you. I don't like the word NO, it's not in my vocabulary unless I am saying it. LOL. I hope that one of your goals, is always wanting to see me smile.

From your,

Real Life Dream Girl,

Kasia. K

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